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2015 Wu Yi Shan International Skating Open

2015-11-07 01:10

2015 Wu Yi Shan International Skating Open

The event will be held in Wu Yi Shan Square, Wu Yi Shan City, Fu Jian Province, China, from November 28th to November 29th, 2015
  1. Marathon: November 29th, 2015
  2. Freestyle: November 28th to 29th, 2015
  3. WSX: November 28th to 29th, 2015
  5. General Administration of Sport of China
  6. Chinese Leisure Sport Administrative Center 
  7. Chinese Roller Skating Association (CRSA)
  8. Fujian Province Sports Administration
  9. Wu Yi Shan Municipal People’s Government
  11. General Administration of Sport of Fujian
  12. Nan Ping City Sports Administration 
  13. Wu Yi Shan City Press and Publication Bureau of Sports and Culture
  14. SEBA (Shanghai) Culture Communication Co., Ltd
  16. World Slalom Skaters Association
  18. Inline Marathon Skating
  19. Mini-Marathon, 7km (Every one)
  20. Half-Marathon, 21km (Junior Man/ Woman)
  21. Marathon, 42km (Senior Man/ Woman)
  22. Freestyle Skating
  23. Speed slalom (Senior, Youth, Junior Man/ Woman)
  24. Freestyle slalom (Senior, Youth, Junior Man/ Woman)
  25. Pair slalom (Regardless of Categories)
  26. Battle slalom (Man/ Woman)
  27. Battle Slide (Man/ Woman)
  28. WSX – World Skate Cross
  29. Skate Cross, Time Trial (Man/Woman)
  31. Participants: The number of participants and entries is unlimited.
  32. Categories for age
    1. Marathon
  33. Senior: born on or before December 31st, 1998;
  34. Junior: born between January 1st, 1999 to December 31st, 2004
    1. Freestyle
  35. Senior: born on or before December 31st, 1998;
  36. Youth: born between January 1st, 1999 to December 31st, 2002
  37. Junior: born between January 1st, 2003 to December 31st, 2008
    1. WSX
  38. Born on or before January 1st, 1999;
  39. The age of each athlete will be checked against his/her passport or ID card before the competition.
  41. Inline Marathon Skating
  42. The 2014 speed skating rules and regulation published by CRSA shall be applied with the most updated articles.
  43. Race time limited:
  44. Full Distance: 150 min
  45. Half Distance: 75 min
  46. Mini Distance: 50 min
  47. Electronic Chronometer will be used in Full and half distance.
  48. Freestyle Skating
  49. The 2015 WSSA-FTC Freestyle Skating Rules shall be applied with the most updated articles.
  50. Music for Classic and Pair Slalom must be sent to, before Nov, 24th, 2015. The music must be recorded by MP3 format and clearly marked with the skaters’ delegation, name, category and event. 
  51. WSX
    1. The 2014 WSSA-FTC World Skate Cross Rules shall be applied.
  52. It is a must for all athletes from same team to wear the uniform garments to attend the marching-in ceremony and take part in all competitions. 
  53. All skating equipment should be adequate for the safety of the competition. 
  55. The top 6 (six) places of each category will be awarded. The top 3 (three) places will be awarded medals and certificates, the 4th to 6th places will be awarded certificates.
  56. If the participation is 6 (six) persons / teams, the top 5 (five) places will be awarded; if the participation is 5 (five) persons / teams, the top 4 (four) places will be awarded; and so on. 
  57. If the participation of group is 3 (three) or less than 3 (three) participants, the event shall be cancelled.
  58. The participants ranked after 6th place will be awarded participant certificate.
  60. Entry
All delegations are kindly requested to send their entry forms not later than November 17th, 2015 to the mail address:
  1. Schedule
  2. pastedGraphic.png
  4. Entry Fee
    1. Marathon
      1. 100 CNY for each skater of full distance and half distance.
      2. It’s free participating the Mini-Marathon.
    2. Freestyle
  5. 100 CNY for each skater
    1. WSX
  6. 50 CNY for each skater 
  7. Accommodation and food and local transportation
Each team is responsible for their traveling, meals, accommodations and local transportation expenses. 
The official judges shall be appointed by FIRS-CIFS-WSSA and CRSA.
  2. Those interested in promoting themselves during the competition are kindly requested to contact the Local Organization.
  3. The organizers reserve the right to use the photo, audio & video materials, etc. of all athletes for the purpose of promoting the roller sports.
  4. It is a must that all participating teams and individuals should buy Life Insurances against Accidents and Illnesses. Your entry and participation shall be regarded as your acceptance of all the articles of this regulation.
  5. Bonus
  6. Inline Marathon
  7. Freestyle Skating
  8. WSX
  9. Other information, if any, shall be forwarded later.