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Shanghai International Freestyle skating Open comes to an en

2015-11-03 11:41

Shanghai International Freestyle Skating Open comes to an end with 10 years of glory 



By the Nataional Sports Administration, China Federation of roller sports, Shanghai Sports Federation, Shanghai Federation of Roller sports,  Huangpu District, Shanghai Sports Federation, Shanghai Huangpu School, SEBA (Shanghai) Culture Communication Co., Ltd was held in Shanghai Huangpu school skating hall. In the three consecutive days of competition, top skaters from 19 countries and regions, were exchanging skills. 


“10 years ago, we never thought freestyle skating would be that popular” Indeed, a sport which came from France in about 2004, was known as the children’s games. Today, it discharge the charm of virtue, free style skating has become a well known environmental friendly sports. In 2005, the first Shanghai International Open freestyle skating was held in the Bund. We believe that must of the audience were just being curious. 10 years later, in 2015 Shanghai International freestyle skating open, almost every audience is familiar to freestyle skating. Change, is an invisible force, it was observed, until the right timing, it will be a huge surprise that telling  everyone the existing of free style skating. 


Now, Shanghai International freestyle skating Open has become a symbol of Shanghai and the Chinese Roller Sports. Attract people from all over the world to prove their ability in this high-profile event. Shanghai SSO witnessed the development of the world freestyle Roller Skating, With the rise of the sport to leap from the entire process within the 10 years. 



In 2015 Shanghai International Open freestyle skating competition, skaters from Russia proved their ability in the game, Timchenko Sergey and Timchenko Alexandr, the two brothers got the gold and 1st runner-up in the freestyle competition and skater from China, Ye Hao Qian came third. Other than that, when every audience was agree with the fact that China has been leading the world freestyle skating technique, the brothers shown the most difficult technique and won another highest level of men's event. Skater from China, Zhang Hao came third. 



In this competition, China team was under threaten. Luckily in the junior women group, skater from China Feng Hui,  played an important role as a hero to save the team. She won the freestyle event and the battle event. Freestyle Slalom Queen, Su Fei Qian has successfully defending the senior women Slalom competition. Last but not least, in this competition with 13 events, Chinese team harvested a total of 9 gold, 6 silver and 8 bronze medals, once again became first in the medal rinking