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X-Tech/MPC China (Haining) International Skating Open

2015-07-21 20:18

“X-TECH/MPC”CHINA(HAINING)International Skating Open




The event will take place in HAINING City, Zhejiang Province, China

Track Speed: August 17th to18th, 2015




General Administration of Sport of China 

Chinese Roller Skating Association (CRSA)

ZHEJIANG Roller Skating Association

Sports Administration of HAINING Province




HAINING Roller Skating Association

HAINING International Roller Skating Centre

SEBA (Shanghai) Culture Communication Co., Ltd




1) Senior、Junior、Youth A, B: 300m Time Trial(MAN/WOMAN), 500m Sprint(MAN/WOMAN), 1000m Sprint(MAN/WOMAN), 10000m Point & Elimination(MAN/WOMAN).

2) Youth C:300m Time Trial(MAN/WOMAN),  500m Sprint(MAN/WOMAN), 1000m Sprint(MAN/WOMAN)、5000m Point & Elimination(MAN/WOMAN).

3) Youth D: 300m Time Trial(MAN/WOMAN), 500m Sprint(MAN/WOMAN), 1000m Sprint(MAN/WOMAN)

4) Open Group: 500m Sprint(MAN/WOMAN), 1000m Sprint(MAN/WOMAN)

5) Coach Group: 500m Sprint(MAN/WOMAN), 1000m Sprint(MAN/WOMAN)


Categories for age:

      1. Senior: Born on or before December 31st, 1997
      2. Junior: Born between January 1st, 1998 and December 31st, 1999
      3. Youth A: Born between January 1st, 2000 and December 31st, 2001
      4. Youth B: Born between January 1st, 2002 and December 31st, 2003
      5. Youth C: Born between January 1st, 2004 and December 31st, 2005
      6. Youth D: Born between January 1st, 2006 and December 31st, 2007
      7. Open Group: Born between January 1st, 1955 and December 31st, 1980
      8. Coach Group: Born between January 1st, 1955 and December 31st, 1989



Entry:All participating delegations are kindly requested to send their entry forms not later than JULY 20th, 2015 to the mail address:


Participants need to register on the August 15th, practise on the August 16th.  



Certified coach license issued by relevant federation is required for those who will participate in the coach group. 




1) 150 CNY for each skater






1)The top 3 (three) places will be awarded medals and certificate, the 4th to 6th places will be awarded certificates.


2)If the participation is 6 (six) persons / teams, the top 5 (five) places will be awarded; if the participation is 5 (five) persons / teams, the top 4 (four) places will be awarded; and so on. 



  1. Senior, Junior:No. 1st - 6th place: 1000, 600, 500, 300, 300, 300 RMB;
  2. Youth A - D:No. 1st - 6th place: 500, 300, 200, 100, 100, 100 RMB;
  3. Open group & coach group:No. 1st - 3rd place : 300, 200, 100RMB



Please apply for accidental insurance before participating in the event.