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2015 Li Shui Inline Skating open with experienced skaters do

2015-11-03 12:37

2015 Li Shui Inline Skating Open will determine the winner of freestyle skating and marathon by today. In these two competitions, the two experienced skaters broken in the situation of the youth Monopoling the prizes. 


On 23rd of August, in the 42k women marathon event, Zang Ying Lu, was known as one of the “shapen knife”, was performing so well, she passed the New Zealand champion, Nicole Begg, at the last corner and won the marathon event.

Zang was the pride of inline speed skating in China, at the nations, she was the champion for 10 years of consecutive years, in 2010 Guangzhou Asia games, she won the 300m bronze medal and 500m silver medal. Deal to a serious accident during training, Zang has to quit competiting and almost finishing her Professional skaters career. 


From 2014, Zang was coming back to the racing track, put a lot of effort to train and improve the technique, hope to get back what have been missing. After the marathon in Wuyishan 2014, she could finish the whole marathon but the results was not as good as before. 

In 2015 Li Shui inline skating open, Zang was back to the familiar track again, facing her biggest rival,  Nicole Begg, it was a great challenge for Zang. She was a sprinter, during the last corner before the finishing line, she accelerated and passed Nicole and won the competition. 

When it comes to the spiritual leader of freestyle skating, almost everyone will think of a lady with orange hair, who is already 44 years old - Boiko Maryna. Don't know why, evenrytime when she was in the competition, there is always a feeling of admiring. Not because of her skating technique, but her dedication to freestyle skating. 



With the increasing levels of freestyle skating technique, Maryna’s ranking was not as good as the pass. However, in every race, there is always a feeling of - : Hope Maryna will come back to the race although she couldn't win. Such a contradictory state of mind, while longing for her insistence, while not confident enough for her victory. 

“2015 Li Shui Inline skating open during the battle event, Boiko Maryna who aged 44, with a passion for freestyle skating, she won Klaudia from Poland and Zoe from France and came on the podium.” This is to win the respect from everyone. 



Every skater will be retiring one day. The most important is when it comes to that day,  there is no regret when we look back.