Confederation of Asian Roller Sports (CARS)
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Roller sports, known as its competitiveness, recreation and fashion, is enjoyed and participated by the mass people, especially the teenagers. It can not only strengthen our body, but also help to build up characters of braveness, self-transcending, the sense of facing difficulty, the ability of shouldering the risk and can help to cultivate the sense of competitiveness, team work and the fair play spirit.
Confederation of Asian Roller Sports (CARS) is an organization derived from this splendid Roller Sports. For some 40 years, the CARS has been devoting itself to promoting and developing the roller sports in Asia, and has also maintained good relationships with Australia and New Zealand of Oceania.
The CARS was officially founded in 1978 in Tokyo, Japan and recognized by OCA in 2007. The headquarters was moved from Tokyo to Beijing, China in 2006. So far, it has 16 member countries and regions. The CARS has the jurisdiction for five disciplines: speed skating, artistic skating, freestyle skating, roller hockey and inline hockey.
The CARS has its General Assembly and Central Committee. The General Assembly, consisting of delegates from 16 countries and regions, is convened every two years. The Central Committee consists of 1 President, 4 vice Presidents, 1 Secretary General, 1 Treasurer and 10 members. It is convened once a year.
The Asian Roller Skating Championships is the most important biennial event which includes all five disciplines. So far, 14 Championships have been organized by the CARS. Thanks to the support of Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) and Chinese Olympic Committee (COC), roller sports became the official event of 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou, China.